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Quantum Science Initiative

EQUIS Program

The Middle Tennessee State University EQUIS Program, funded by the NSF, is dedicated to serving community college and undergraduate students interested in Quantum Information Sciences (QIS) education and careers.

Acknowledging the rising national demand for expertise and workforce development in QIS, the program offers two introductory courses specifically designed for novices in the field, available to both MTSU and non-MTSU students.

For qualified participants, the program provides stipends to cover course tuition. Participants will receive the MTSU badge upon completing the two courses.

Fall 2024 – Course 1: Introduction to Quantum Computing for Everyone;  Instructor: Dr. Hanna Terletska (MTSU)

Spring 2025 – Course 2: Quantum Computing Applications;  Instructor: TBA

To apply for the program, please register following the link below. Yo will be asked to 1) submit your transcripts (unofficial), 1) provide a short paragraph why are you interested in this course?

MTSU users, please follow this link:


Non-MTSU users, please follow this link:


Note: Non-MTSU users – When the link is selected, please create a new account and the form will be displayed.

For questions, please contact Dr. Hanna Terletska. Email:

Program Details:

The EQUIS program,  titled “Beginnings: Creating and Sustaining a Diverse Community of Expertise in Quantum Information Science (EQUIS) Across the Southeastern United States”, is an educational initiative funded by the NSF. The program’s primary objective is to advance Quantum Information Science and Engineering (QISE) education for the community college and undegraduate students from the partnering institutions, including Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), Tennessee State University (TSU), Fisk University, and Auburn University. Quantum technology, grounded in QISE principles, promises revolutionary changes. To adequately prepare for this innovative field, it is imperative to enhance workforce education and broaden participation in QISE. Our focus extends to reaching out to first-generation college students, women, and historically underrepresented groups in STEM fields. By ensuring a diverse and well-prepared workforce, we pave the way for future QISE applications.

Project coordinators (PI, Co-PIs): Hanna Terletska and Ron Henderson 

Acknowledgment: this project is funded by NSF Award #  2322591

Partnering Institutions:

Contact Us

Hanna Terletska
MTSU QSInitiative Leader

Middle Tennessee State University
Department of Physics & Astronomy, WPS 206C